What is an Ultrasound?

An Ultrasound is an imaging examination that uses sound waves to create pictures of various parts of the body. Ultrasound uses no ionising radiation and helps medical professionals diagnose and treat medical conditions.



Important information

Please bring with you all your previous medical imaging results and images. This is very important as it allows our Radiologists to accurately report on the progress of your medical condition.



Preparation for an Ultrasound

The preparation for an Ultrasound exam depends on the type of study that has been requested. Usually all that is required is for you to remove all jewellery and clothing from the area to be examined. You may need to wear a gown during the exam.


You may need to fast for an Ultrasound study and you may need to drink some water before the examination. This will all be explained when you make your booking.


If there are any specific instructions for an exam, one of our helpful staff members will provide you with all the required information prior to the exam.



During the Ultrasound exam

Most exams take between 20-50mins. The Sonographer, will position you in specific positions to best evaluate the area of interest. You will need to stay still and may need to suspend breathing for a couple of seconds while the Sonographer takes the images.


A Hand-held device called a transducer is placed on the area of interest and works by transmitting sound waves and receiving the images as echoes.



After the Ultrasound exam

The Radiologist, who is a specialist in interpreting medical images, will review the images taken and prepare a report for your Referring Doctor. Your Referring Doctor after reading the report will discuss with you the results of the imaging examination.