What is an X-Ray?


An X-ray, or radiograph, is a painless diagnostic procedure that uses x-rays to view a specific part of the body. Radiographs help medical professionals diagnose and treat medical conditions. X-rays use a very small dose of radiation and are the most frequently used form of medical imaging.



Important information

Please notify one of our staff if there is a chance you could be pregnant. Most imaging tests will be delayed if you are pregnant, However if an x-ray is necessary, all possible precautions will be used to decrease the radiation dose to the foetus.


Please bring with you all your previous medical imaging results and images. This is very important as it allows our Radiologists to accurately report on the progress of your medical condition.



Preparation for an X-ray

The preparation for an x-ray exam depends on the type of exam that has been requested. Usually all that is required is the removal of all jewelry and some clothing from the area to be examined and you may need to wear a gown during the exam.


If there are specific instructions for an exam, one of our helpful staff members will provide you with all the required information prior to the exam.



During the X-ray exam

Most exams only take between 10-20mins. The Medical Imaging Technologist, will position you in specific positions to best evaluate the area of interest. You will need to stay completely still and may need to suspend breathing for a couple of seconds while the Technologist takes the image.


The Technologist will then check the images taken and ensure all required information is provided for the Radiologist to report.



After the X-ray exam

The Radiologist, who is a specialist in interpreting medical images, will review the images taken and prepare a report for your Referring Doctor. Your Referring Doctor after reading the report will discuss with you the results of the imaging examination.