What is a 4D Ultrasound?

A 4D Ultrasound is an imaging examination that displays 3D images of an unborn baby as a movie. At Medical Imaging Campbelltown we are able to save those images and movies onto a CD and DVD for you to take home.



Preparation for a 4D Ultrasound

The preparation will be explained at the time of booking.



During the Ultrasound exam

The exams will take between 30-60min to be performed. The Sonographer will place you in specific positions to best evaluate the unborn baby. You will need to stay still and may need to suspend breathing for a couple of seconds while the sonographer takes the images.


A hand-held device called a transducer is placed on your abdomen and works by transmitting sound waves and receiving the images as echoes.


There is no guarantee that the unborn baby will be in an appropriate position for us to produce images as good as you may have previously seen. The quality of the images is all determined by which position the unborn baby is resting.



After the Ultrasound exam

You will receive a CD of the images taken during the ultrasound and also a DVD containing movies playable on your DVD player at home. Some images printed on high quality paper wiil be created for you to take home. Further images can be created on paper from the CD provided.