What is a Cardiac CT Scan?

A Cardiac CT scan comprehensively evaluates the vessels that supply blood to the heart, the coronary arteries. This examination will also determine the amount of calcium deposits in the coronary arteries and determines the cardiac output of the heart at the time of the scan.



Who Should have a cardiac CT scan?

A person who has some of following risks factors should consider a cardiac CT scan:


Important information

It is important that people undertaking this examination do not have an allergy to iodine, and have a regular heart beat.


All previous medical imaging results and images should be brought along to the exam. This is very important as it allows our Radiologists to accurately report on the progress of the medical condition.


At this point in time, Coronary CT is not available as a bulk billing study, and hence a private fee will apply



Preparation for a Cardiac CT scan

To have a Cardiac CT scan the person will need to fast for 4 hours. They will be required to arrive at Medical Imaging Campbelltown a full 1 hour prior to the exam so that we are able to assess their heart rate and administer beta blockers in the aim of reducing the heart rate to an optimal 65bpm.



During the Cardiac CT scan

The exams only take about 20mins. The Medical Imaging Technologist, will position the patient lying on their back with their feet towards the CT gantry. ECG leads will be placed on their chest to monitor their heart rate. An injection of IV iodinated contrast is given during to the scan of the heart to enable us to evaluate the coronary arteries. This injection will give the patient a 'hot flushing sensation'. The patient will be required to suspend breathing for 10 -15 seconds which is very important to give us a clear view of the coronary vessels.



After the Cardiac CT exam

The Medical Imaging Technologist will produce a detailed set of images and data for the Radiologist to analyse. A Radiologist who is a specialist in interpreting medical images, who also has experience in Cardiac CT, will review the images taken and prepare a comprehensive report for you the referrer.


A Medical Imaging Campbelltown staff member shall contact the patient once the report has been completed.



The equipment we use

The Seimens Somatom Sensation 64 slice CT scanner has the fastest tube rotation time of 0.33sec, thats 3 revolutions per second. This allows a detailed angiogram scan time of roughly 10 -15secs, producing 0.6mm slices every 0.4mm. These superb technical factors along with the powerful seimens software engines allows the production of exceptional images.