IV Contrast Guide

At Medical Imaging Campbelltown we are commited to providing a high quality of service not only to our patients, but also to our referrers.


Our Radiologists are contactable and would be very happy to discuss with you the examination of choice for your patient, ensuring the best outcome possible can be acheived.


Region Contrast Notes
Head/Brain No Trauma; There is no medicare coverage to use IV contrast for those below 50 years of age and for a history of headaches only.
Yes Depending on the clinical history provided
Orbits No No IV contrast for Foreign Body
Yes Depending on the clinical history provided
Sinuses No Routine
Yes IV contrast given for tumour
Neck No No IV contrast for certain thyroid conditons
Yes Routine
Chest No No IV contrast for HIRES Lungs
Yes Routine
Abdomen Pelvis Yes Routine
Urinary Tract No Renal calculi
Yes Renal mass, hematuria
Large Bowel No For Virtual Colonoscopy
Small Bowel Yes CT Small Bowel Series
Spine No Routine
Extremity No Trauma
Yes Swelling/Lump
Angiogram Yes Including: Cerebral, Carotids, Thoracic, AAA, Renal Arteries, Leg Run-Off 
Pulmonary Yes To rule out PE
Coronary Arteries Yes Routine


Previous IV iodinated contrast reaction

Sometimes people will have a reaction to the IV iodinated contrast. Depending on the severity of the sensitivity, a course of premedication could possibly be given to the person prior the injection to help reduce the likelyhood of another reaction. If your patient has had an iodine reaction, contact one of our radiologists to discuss the previous reaction and the options available.



IV iodinated contrast injection for diabetic patients

People who are diabetic and are controlling their diabeties via tablets containing metformin, must cease taking the metformin on the day of the injection and for 48 hours afterwards.


The adminstration of IV iodinated contrast to patients receiving metformin therapy can place them at a higher risk of causing lactic acidosis*. Patients using metformin should have a blood test following the day of the examination to assess renal function post an injection of IV iodinated contrast.


A person's creatine level should be below 110µmol/L for males and 100µmol/L for females for the safe use of IV iodinated contrast. To discuss options for people with higher creatine levels needing IV iodinated contrast, such as the use of pre-hydration, please don't hesitate to contact one of our radiologists.


For more infomation you could also visit the Guidelines for Metformin Hydrochloride and Intravascular Contrast Media on the RANZCR website.


(*)Parra D, Legreid A, Beckey N, Reyes S 2004 ‘Metformin Monitoring and Change in Serum Creatinine Levels in Patients Undergoing Radiologic Procedures Involving Administration of Intravenous Contrast Media’ Pharmacotherapy  vol. 24, no. 8, 987-993.