CT Bone Mineral Density

Medicare Eligibility Details

From April 2007, CT Bone Mineral Densitometry is available on the basis of a referral by a Medical Practitioner under the provision of the following medicare items:


12306, 12309, 12312, 12315, 12318, 12321 and 12323.


Medicare Item numbers:

Items 12306 and 12309:

Item 12312:

Item 12315:


Item 12318:

Item 12321:

Intended to allow for bone mineral density measurement following a significant change in therapy - e.g. a change in the class of drugs - rather than for a change in the dosage regimen.


Item 12323 from 1 April 2007:

Will enable the payment of a Medicare benefit for a CT Bone Mineral Densitometry service performed on a patient aged 70 years or over.


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